All the contacts are missing from the contact’s list in Gmail: For any email user the contact plays a vital role for them. Every email user maintains their contact list in Gmail and uses it when they need. But unfortunately we found that some of the user’s contacts are missing automatically. And obviously if your contact is missing then you are not able to connect with anyone. This missing email problem is mostly faced by numerous of users and due to this issue it becomes to make a connection with anyone and its impact will also appear on your business.

If again and again you face of with this problem then quickly get the reliable solution which I mention below. You can simply restore or get back your all contact in Gmail which you loss by mistakenly.

For restoring your Google contact, immediately go to Google contact and enter your email address & password and click on sign in button. Once you did it, you will be automatically taken to contact profile of your account. After that you have to click on “restore contact” which is located at left side on the page. Then a window will appear where you have to choose period before the changes to your contact were made. Make sure before 30 days contacts you can easily restore them but after that it is not possible. After that click on “restore” option, then it will revert your all contacts.

  1. If you want to recover those contact from any points in the last 30 days. For this:
  2. Open your Gmail account and go to your contact option. After that click on more under the address book labels.
  3. Now choose undo changes and select the time to which you want your contacts restored.
  4. And finally click on confirm option.
  5. You can also export your existing Gmail contacts into CSV file. For this:
  6. Immediately go to the old version of Google contacts and click on more option which is located at top left side.
  7. Here you have to select which contact you want to export such as: “my contact” this is the contact which you created. “All contact” this is the contact which you created and other contacts you have emailed.
  8. After that select Google CSV format and click on export option.
  9. And finally sign out. To know more Gmail Support


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