In this modern world we are using several technologies to getting our work done in an innovative way. Make sure if there is technology then how we forget its security which is related to that technology. Here security means the Password, obviously if you using your personal computer, your ATM, your business email etc you set some kind of password to protect from unauthorized person so that no one can easily hack or steal your personal and professional data & information.

But sometime it seems hard to remember all these types of password at a time. Because you set different-different password for your PC, ATM, email etc. that’s why you didn’t recognize it. Similarly in the case of Gmail once the user forget their Gmail password becomes tricky to recover it. But here is not like that, you can simply recover your Gmail password by following the steps below. Here I describe two methods by which you can easily recover it.

  • By Gmail website:
  • First go to www.gmail.com then ensure about one thing, if the email and phone number is not filled in automatically then you have to type in the labeled filled then click on next.
  • After that you have to click on forget password then remember your last password and hit the next button. But if you can’t remember your password then click to try a different question then hit next once you answer it.
  • Now follow the instruction which is given over there to confirm the message through text or email.
  • After that the Google will text you or email you a message, then enter that code which is provided by Google.
  • Now enter the new password and confirm it again and click on change password. And finally hit the button accepts.
  • By Gmail App:
  • First open your Gmail app and tap add an email address.
  • After that click on Google and mention the email or phone number which is associated with that Gmail account.
  • Now you have to click on forget password and enter the last remember password. If there is problem to recognize the last remember password then click on tries another way, and click next
  • Now follow the instruction to recover the code via text or mail. Then open that message which is send by Google. And enter the new password and confirm it again. Click next and clicks accept.

By following the above steps you can simply recover your Gmail password. But again facing any kind of problem, just contact to experts for appropriate solution.

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