If you are android user and getting irritated with sync issue then didn’t worry about that because right here you will solve your sync issue within few moments. Make sure if Google account is having with this sync problem then you will receive an error message called: “sync is currently experiencing problem. It will be back soon” in this case you have to wait for sometime may be after couple of time your problem will solve automatically. But if not then try these below steps to solve your problem.

1.You can try manually to sync your Google account:

  • First open the mobile device setting app then click on account and Google.
  • After that hit the more and click on sync now.

If there is sync problem then surely you are not able to open or read the mail, not able to get notification from any new message, you can’t send message or your message will stuck and many other problems. If the first solution is not enough then try other steps to troubleshoot the issue.

2.Simply update the Gmail app. Once you successfully update it then your sync issue will fix automatically. After updating slowly restart your device.

3.Check whether you are connected with internet or not. Most probably this problem is related with internet. Wait for few minutes if this problem will not solve then contact to internet service provider and ask them to solve this issue.

4.You can also check your airplane mode. Make sure in this process your airplane mode should always off. If not then,

  • Directly move to your device setting and click on more option
  • Here you will found the option of airplane mode, click it on OFF mode.

5.Clear your Gmail’s information, hope sync will works again.

  • Open your Gmail device setting and tap the app then click on Gmail
  • Then click on clear data option and hit the OK button. After that restart your device again.

6.If there is any useless app then immediately uninstall it. Remove all music, books, movies, games etc which you download it from Google play store.

7.You can also clear your cached data.

  • Open the setting in your mobile device. Then click on storage under the device.
  • Then click on cached data and hit the OK. Now tap back, and again tap app
  • Click on contact option then storage
  • Finally click on clear data and press OK.

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