Google Chrome fails to save and Auto fill user id and Password


Google Chrome fails to save and Auto fill user id and Password: One of the major features of Google Chrome is that it is able to save and auto-fill the user id and passwords. It is really helpful when you have to log in to similar websites again and again. However, many users complain about Google Chrome not being able to save and Autofill user id and Password.

If you are also facing such error then this article is just for you. Here, we will discuss various reason and steps to resolve “Google Chrome fails to save and Autofill user id and password” error.

Why Google Chrome is not saving and Auto-filling Passwords?

  1. Slow network in order to exchange data with Google: It requires a stable connection to exchange data between the Chrome browser and Google server. It is possible that you might be using an unstable network connection that’s why Google Chrome fails to save and autofill user id and password.
  2. The account is not properly synced with the Google server: It is necessary for your account to be properly synced with the Google server in order to save your data.
  3. Unexpected technical glitches: There are a large number of technical errors, which may occur while saving data to the chrome server. It is possible that you may also face any of such technical error while saving user id and password in chrome.

Instructions to resolve this error

Solution 1: Re-login your Google Account.

In case the Google Chrome is having trouble to be synchronized with your Google Account then you may try and sign out of the Google Account and then re-login.

Solution 2: Reset synchronization.                      

If the synchronization is still not working even after re-login then you should reset your syncing data. To reset your syncing data, click on link. This link will redirect you to the sync page. On this page, scroll down and click “Reset Sync” button.  Now, again sign into Google Chrome to start synchronization.

Solution 3: Manage password in Google.

Make sure that your “Auto sign-in/Save passwords” has been toggled on.  This can be checked under the “Manage passwords” page in chrome. Click on “settings” followed by advanced then scroll down to check the “Manage passwords” page.

Solution 4: Reset Setting in Google Chrome.

If Google Chrome fails to save and autofill user id and password, even after following the above-mentioned method then you may try to reset Google chrome setting to the original default. However, this method is applicable to windows and Mac user only.

Steps to reset chrome setting to default

  • Open Google chrome in windows or Mac computer.
  • Click on setting from the top right menu of chrome.
  • Scroll down and click on “Advanced” button.
  • Finally, click “Reset”.

Solution 5: Clearing the browsing Data.

Sometimes clearing the cache memory can also help the users to get rid of such problems. In windows or Mac devices, the “Clear browsing data” option can be found under “More tools” tab. In Android phone, the “Clear browsing data” option is available under the history tab.

In case if you face these kinds of issue in your Google Chrome then you can contact to the Google Chrome Customer Support Help Number Where our team will guide you for best Possible Solution Online.


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