Google Chrome has a Malware Issue How to Resolve It?


Google Chrome has a Malware Issue 2019 Today: Chrome OS is considered as one of the safest operating systems being used by millions of users worldwide. However, lately, there have been some serious malware issues faced by the users of Google Chrome. Chrome has become the most popular target for installing malware and similar unwanted extensions. Are you also irritated by the frequent pop-ups or continuously being redirected to unwanted websites or getting alerts about a virus or an infected device? Well, there are fair chances that your Google Chrome has a malware. Not to worry, as there are certain ways through which you can easily get rid of this malware.

In this article, we are providing certain basic tricks following which you can remove the malware from your Google Chrome. Continue reading this post to resolve the Google Chrome malware issue Today.

How to Resolve Malware Issue in Google Chrome Today?

The following solutions to resolve malware issue has been provided by the Google support:

  1. Reset your browser setting
  • Open Chrome.
  • At the top right corner, you will see three vertical dots.
  • Click on it and then select ‘Settings’.
  • On the settings page, you will find the ‘Advanced’ option at the bottom.
  • Click on the ‘Advanced’ drop-down button.
  • In the end, you will find ‘Reset and clean up’.
  • Under ‘Reset and cleanup’, click Restore settings to their original defaults>Reset Settings.
  • This will disable all extensions and clear temporary data and cookies. Manually enable the desired extensions after this process is completed.
  1. Find and remove unwanted malicious programs
  • Follow the above steps until you reach ‘Rest and clean up’.
  • You will find ‘Clean up computer’.
  • Click on Clean up computer>Find.
  • Click on ‘Remove’ when you are prompted to do so.

Other ways to solve Google Chrome has a Malware Issue 2019

  1. Remove unwanted extension manually
  • You can manually search and remove the extensions that you do not remember downloading.
  • Go to the top right corner of your Chrome page and click on the three vertical dots.
  • Go to More tools>Extensions.
  • A new window showing all extensions will appear on the screen.
  • Remove the unwanted extensions by clicking on ‘Remove’.

If these methods do not work for you and you are still facing troubles in resolving malware issue, you can always contact Google customer support. Google customer care executives are always available round the clock to resolve any queries of their client.

What can be done to avoid malware issue in the future?

  • Many times while using Chrome, you might see alluring contests promising gifts and free stuff. These are just plain tricks to get you to download malware. Beware of such ads.
  • Ignore any kind of warning related to a virus or infected device that appears on your browser. These ads are the most confusing when you do not have an anti-virus installed in your system.
  • Only download files or extensions from trusted websites.

In Case if you face any kind of issue in the Then you can contact the Google Chrome Customer Service Number, Where Our technical support team will guide you for the best possible Solution online.


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