The Google normally disabled that account who doesn’t follow the Google’s policies. If Google founds any of the suspicious activities in your account so it will surely blocked your Gmail account and you are not able to continue your work as before you do. Here I mention some of the activities by which your account has been locked.

  • If you sends large number of un-delivering messages
  • If any of the user using their Gmail at many locations
  • If user can delete, receive or download large amount of mail through POP or IMAP then definitely Google had blocked your account
  • If we provide access to email analytics service, file sharing etc then Google considered as suspicious activity and Google will block your Gmail account
  • If you synchronize your Gmail account on many systems, mobile device then definitely Google will mark you blocked

You can solve your Gmail account block problem by signing in different Google server. Because this server is fresh so that you can view and access your mail here. You can also try some methods to solve your problem.

  • Immediately clear your browsers cookies and cache, once you did it, again sign in your Google account.
  • Just remove your all browsers extensions
  • You can also remove the IMAP and POP setting in your email
  • Close the Gmail in your device and browser then add it again and sign in

You can also restore your suspended Gmail account by following the points below:

  • First you have to sign in Google admin console, then go to user account page and click on restore at top right side.
  • After that click on reset user in the pop up message. After doing this, it will enable the users account and you can simply sign in your account and access your account.

In future if you keep some points in your mind then surely you are not going to suffer that issue:

  • Never open your Gmail account in different location
  • Never send large media files
  • Never send the messages in bulk
  • Never send the messages more than 500
  • If you download any latest browser extension and it cause some problem, then immediately delete it.

If again you have any kind of problem regarding Gmail then get ready to fix it through Gmail technical Support experts.

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