It sounds something unusual but it’s true, the phishing is most concern activity in which by mistakenly you shares your all personal information with unauthorized person. So, first of all you have to know what actually phishing is.

This phishing activity is basically done by ads, emails, or through sites. For instance, some unauthorized person sends you an email that’s look like it’s from your bank but this is not true and at the same time you will give your all bank related information to that person. After that he misuses your bank details and performs some anti-social activities. But how do you which email is phishing or not. Make sure if any emails ask you for username, password, bank account numbers, social security numbers, personal identification number i.e. PIN, credit card number etc it comes under the category of phishing emails. So be careful when you receive any kind of mail. One thing more, the Google and Gmail never ask you to provide that kind of information, so you can trust on them.

So, how can you avoid and report regarding phishing in Gmail? Well this is not a tough task; simply follow the steps which I mentioned below.

1.For immediate report, just open your Gmail account and open that message which you want to report.

  • After that next to reply option scroll it down and search “report phishing”. Once you found that option click on that.

2.Please don’t click any of the links who ask for these kinds of personal information.

3.If you receive any mail and it looks something suspicious then you can check it:

  • Ensure that email address and sender name match
  • Ensures that email is authenticated
  • You can also check the message header to make sure that the “from” section is not showing any incorrect name.

4.You can also report the phishing sites which you found on the web. Just open that link and enter the link which you think this is suspicious and mention some comments and hit the submit button. https://safebrowsing.google.com/safebrowsing/report_phish/?hl=en

In case if any of the email was by mistakenly marked as a phishing then you can correct it again by following this:

  • Open your Gmail account. After that open that message which is by mistakenly marked as a phishing.
  • Click down the arrow and press “report not phishing”
  • Contact Gmail Support

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