Steps to Clean Unwanted Ads, Pop-Ups & malware in Google Chrome: Google chrome is a web browser which is developed by Google in the year of 2008 &supports numerous of platforms such as Linux, macOS, Android, iOS etc. This is one of the best and most supported web browsers which is very well used for any kind of mailing platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo, outlook, Hotmail, road runner etc. Damn sure if you prefer Google Chrome for your webmail services then you do not have to choose any other web browsers.

But yes, I admitted it some technical glitches are there which creates a problem for the user that’s why it becomes difficult for users to manage their mailing activity and all. Here I share some of the problems which are related to Google Chrome:

  • Sometimes users chrome home page and search engine keeps changing
  • Your pop ads would not go away
  • Sometimes unwanted toolbar and extensions keep coming back

How do I solve the Google Chrome issue?

1.Simply you can remove the unwanted programs for chrome but for windows only. Here are the steps:

  • First, open your window computer and go to Chrome Cleanup Tool website and you have to click on download now.
  • After that carefully read the term and condition and click on accept and download. Once it downloads you will see at the bottom and click on the filename (chrome_cleanup_tool.exe).
  • Then hit the run button and you will see this tool scan your computer if there is any kind of malicious software.
  • Then click on remove suspicious programs and click on reset option.

2.You can also remove the malicious programs for Mac only. Here are the steps:

  • First, open the Mac computer which is located at the top and open finder. Then click on application option which is located at on the left side.
  • Then check that any program which you do not recognize and hit the right click on the name of any unwanted programs and click on move to trash option.
  • Once it completes clicking on empty trash.

Now reset the browser setting:

  • Open the Chrome browser in your computer system and click on more icon then click on setting option. Then hit the advanced option
  • After that under the reset option click on reset and confirm it by clicking reset.

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