If whenever you found that Gmail is not sync automatically in android app then you will surely face these issues:

  • Users are not able to receive and load any new mail
  • They didn’t read and open the mail
  • Mail is stuck or can’t send the mail
  • Sometime app is very slow

Guys if you find these above critical issues then frequently check your email notification. For this, just open your Gmail account and go to setting icon then click on setting option when you scroll it. Under the setting option you will find the desktop notification option. Now select new mail notification ON, important mail notification ON or mail notification OFF as per your choice. Once you successfully select it, and then click on save changes.

  1. If you are not able to fix the sync error with Gmail android app then find the complete details regarding this problem.
  2. First check you are connected to internet or not. To check it, try visiting a website in your mobile web browser & make sure the airplane mode is always turned off.
  3. You can also check your sync setting in your Gmail app. For this, just open your Gmail app then click on menu icon which is located at left right. After that click on setting option. Here you have to choose the account which you are not getting email for. Then ensure that sync Gmail is checked.
  4. The same thing you can also check in your mobile device. If you are using android 5.0 and up then, open the setting in your mobile device then click on account under the personal. Now just click on more icon which is located at top right corner then check or uncheck auto-sync data.
  5. If again sync is not working then immediately clear your all storage on your device.
  • Quickly uninstall the app which you don’t want to use
  • Just delete the downloaded files or move that files to your computer
  • If you download any Google play music, books, games then remove it.

6. Sometime this sync problem is occurred due to wrong credential. So always enter correct username and password.

7. You can also clear your Gmail information. For this:

  • First you have to open your device setting then click on apps then hit the Gmail
  • Here you will find the option of clear data just click OK
  • Finally restart your device and hope it will work.

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