When we heard the word “Hacking” it just seems like flow of cold wave in our body. Because after hacking you have no option to continue your work again as before you do. The hacking makes you helpless and you are no longer to access your Gmail account. So first of all we have to know what actually hacking is then I let you know how to solve your hacking issue in Gmail.

Well the hacking is one of the most concern activity which is perform by any unauthorized person to steal or theft you’re all personal and professional data. If any intrusion enters in your computer system or network for the purpose of stealing you’re all data and information, that process is called hacking and that person is called hackers. The hackers use some of the techniques for hacking, some of these are:

  • Vulnerability scanner: through this, hacker can check your computers weakness and hacked your data.
  • Password cracking: in this process they recover the password from data stored or transmitted by computer system.

Once your account has been hacked then it becomes impossible to recover it. But if you a Gmail user then you didn’t have to worry about that, because through Gmail you can easily recover your hacked account. Look below the points where you get rid of your issue.

  • Move to Google account login page, now look below where you find the option of need help just click on that.
  • After that, this will redirects you Google account recovery page. Here you have to select I don’t know my password option. Once you click on that, mention your email address too then click on continue button.
  • Now you will see the CAPTCHA form, fill it properly and press continue. If remember your last password then enter it or continue with I don’t know option.
  • After that you will find some of the options to recover your account, but it works only when you forget your password not in hacking case. So here the only way to recover your hacked account is “verify your identity” option which is located at bottom of the page in blue color.
  • This option will takes you account verification process where you have to ask some of the multiples of questions which is related to your account.
  • If Google founds that your answer is correct then you are capable to recover your hacked account.


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