How to Restore Mozilla Firefox setting without uninstall the Setup


Steps to Restore Mozilla Firefox setting without uninstall the Setup: Mozilla Firefox is an open source web browser which is one of the famous web browsers, it works as a mediator between the internet or user, by which user can access the content which is available on the internet. But when the user uses the Mozilla Firefox then it saved many thinks which you access by the internet like your browsing history, your password login id, and your location, So that sometimes it can leak your information to the other user by which they can access your personal information. Some time user wants to set their browser on the default setting so that they use reinstalling process which is more time taking process, so if you wish to start Mozilla Firefox with freshness, then you no need to worry! Now you can restore the Firefox browser with a simple process in the ‘Safe Mode’. So you have to follow these steps to restore your browser setting with freshness. visit Mozilla Firefox Support

  • The main browser window
  • The add-ons window
  • The about: configure settings window

Note: When you go to rest your browser then it can clear your browser history, bookmarks and saved password and user id. If you want to keep save your bookmarks then you can synchronize bookmarks in Firefox with another web browser.

Resetting the Firefox Installation

  1. There is two way you can run Firefox in ‘Safe Mode’ to restore your browser. Before start reset the Firefox, it suggests removing extensions and themes manually by using the add-ons window.
  • The first way is to use ‘Safe Mode’ via your Start window in the Programs section.
  • The second way is via the Run function. For this, you need to enter ‘Firefox -safe-mode’ in the search bar of your window and then click ‘OK’.
  1. When you have run the browser in ‘Safe Mode’, a user interface will appear in order to select the option you want to apply. Here, you need to select all the options excluding the ‘disable all add-ons’ option. After that click on make changes and restart it again
  2. You will see the changes after restarting your browser

After That you will see your themes and add-ons are still working, So you have to check the extension compatibility of your browser, Now you have to set your default search engines which you want to use and you will get all your bookmarks back.

In case if you are having problems with the Firefox restoring, it is suggested to talk to the expert team by dialing the Mozilla Firefox Customer support phone number. You will get the best possible instructions to perform a clean re-installation of your Firefox browser.


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