Steps to Block Pop-ups and Website ad in Opera Mini Browser for Windows


Block Pop-ups and Website ad in Opera Mini Browser : The Pop-up and website ads are the most annoying thing users have to face while browsing the internet. Whether you are browsing internet through a mobile browser or a desktop version of browsers, the nuisance due to these pop-up and website ads are equally troublesome.

Although pop-ups are quite irritating sometimes you need them as these are essential for some websites to function properly. So, it is necessary that browser should be able to differentiate between the unwanted and essential pop-ups.

Fortunately, the opera mini browser can help you block these unwanted pop-ups and website ads easily. In case you are also an opera mini user and want to block the pop-ups and website ad, then this article can help you significantly. Here, we will discuss simple steps to block pop-ups and website ad in opera mini browser for the window.

How to block Pop-ups and website ad in opera mini browser for windows?

The opera mini browser itself blocks some of the pop-ups by default but it advised that you should install the additional add-on in your browser which helps the user of block unwanted Pop-ups and website Ads completely.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to Block Pop-ups and Website ad in Opera Mini Browser for Windows using Add-ons:

Step 1: Click the “menu” button and select “Get extensions”.

This will open a new tab from where you can search the ad blocking add-on.

Step 2: Search for “Adblock”

This will list down the ad blocking add-ons for your opera mini browser for windows.

Step 3: Check the reviews and pick a renowned ad blocker

Select the right add-on for your browser by checking the user rating and reviews. Some of the popular add-ons are

  • Adblock Plus
  • AdBlock
  • Adguard

Step 4: Click “Add-on opera” on the add-on’s page

As soon as you click the “Add-on opera” button, an icon will start to appear in the opera mini toolbar within a few moments.

You will be able to enjoy ad-free browsing once the installation of ad blocking toolbar is completed.

In case you do not want to install any Add-on in your opera mini browser, then you may use default Ad-blocker available in opera mini for windows. However, it will not block the pop-up and ads completely.

How to Block Pop-ups and Website ad in Opera Mini Browser for Windows without Add-ons?

Follow the steps given below to change the pop-up setting in opera for windows

  1. Open opera browser for windows.
  2. Click the “menu” button from the top-left corner, and select “Settings”.
  3. Now from the left-hand side choose “websites”.
  4. Various options such as Flash, Pop-ups, Video pop out and location will appear as soon as you click on “websites”.
  5. Select “Do not allow any site to show pop-ups” radio button under Pop-ups menu.

That’s it, now your Opera mini browser will start blocking pop-ups and unwanted website ads.

Note: It is also advised that you should remove all the adware that may get installed automatically when you browse the internet. This adware can be seen and uninstalled via the control panel.

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